Monday, March 30, 2009

Something New . . . For the Bride

I get some of my best ideas from my customers!!! Last year I sold one of my flower vase bouquets to a woman who was getting married. She told me that rather than doing the traditional "toss of the bouquet" she would instead do a drawing to win my necklace. I was so thrilled that my necklace was not only an important part of such a very special day, but also a fun new twist on an ancient tradition.

Since then I have had the idea to make a flower vase bouquet that could be worn by a bride. I decided to go with white czech flowers and a touch of Swarovski crystals and some czech leaves for a bit of green. This time I left the piece unoxidized (no patina finish) so it would have a shinier and slightly dressier look. I am really excited about how this piece came out. I hope this necklace has a "happily ever after" as well. ;-)


Heather Page said...

Andrea, I really love your jewelry. You come up with the best ideas and everything is so cute! One of these days I'm going to order something from you.

M and W said...

Wow, thats gorgeous.

Andrea said...

Thanks so much to you both! :-)

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