Saturday, April 11, 2009

I was so very bad . . .

Sometimes it really is good . . .

to be a bit bad. Yummmmmmm!
We picked up these truly scrumptious goodies at a new cupcake shop in town. The idea was to take a few photos to use for some still life paintings. The boys helped me pick them out and then of course we got to eat them, yay!
Hope you all have been having a good week. I've had the boys (hubby included) home all week for Spring break. I've been sneaking in a bit of work here and there, but mostly been having some fun family time.

I did manage to take some photos of my new birdhouse with sweet little birdie necklaces. Tweet, tweet!



Ann Drewing said...

This necklace is adorable! One of my faves so far.

Andrea said...

Thanks so much Ann! :-)

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