Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Fun

Hard to believe it was just yesterday I was talking about spring. We got dumped on last night. For a town that has not seen snow in about 5 years, the 7 inches we got last night has shut the town down for the day. The boys are thrilled!
Zelda of course has to be in the middle of what the kids are doing. I think she is having even more fun playing in the snow than they are!
Yum, getting warm . . . . . hot chocolate and homemade pumpkin bars.


beadsintheround said...

Hi Andrea!

Love that snow. Not really ;-)) Those pumpkin bars look great; would you pass on your recipe?

Take care,

Mary Anne

Andrea said...

Hi Mary Anne!
Yeah, I love the snow for like one day and then I want it gone! I'm not much of a cold weather girl.
Stay tuned tomorrow and I will post that recipe for you! :-)

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