Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Just Around the Corner?

"Spring Bee Ring" new item
a sweet reminder of warmer days ahead!

Hello again peeps, and Happy Weekend! Hope you all had a good one!!!
It is hard to believe Spring will be here soon, especially with it snowing here in Richmond as well as other parts of the country/world, BUT I know in just a few weeks the sun will again be shining and the flowers will be in abundance. To that I say "hooray"!

little side note: aren't those flowers pretty?! They are some snapdragons that came in a beautiful birthday bouquet from my good friend Pamela. Thanks girl!

Stay warm!


Jan J. said...

What a beautiful little bee and a great photo you captured of it!

Andrea said...

Thanks so much Jan! I had lots of fun with that photo shoot. :-)

beadsintheround said...

Happy birthday!!

--Mary Anne

Andrea said...

Thanks Mary Anne! :-)

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