Monday, March 31, 2008

Not Such a Bad Day After All

It started out being one of "those days" where you just have to wonder why did you have to get out of bed. Every little thing that could go wrong did - from stubbing my toe in the bathroom, to my hair dryer breaking (not good on a cold, rainy day), to the kids spilling their oj at breakfast when we needed to be headed out the door to the bus. more itty bitty cuteness - Fine Silver Owls Studs
So, ok, I was a bit cranky for most of the day, which always seems to add to the bad "karma" or whatever the ick factor is. But, this evening things started to turn around. I made my first Ruby Lane sale, yipee! And I had a couple sales on Etsy this evening. I also found out about a new place for selling on line : You can check out my new shop here: Artistic Creations at Icraft
So, I think I'll head off to bed on a happy note and hopefully start out tomorrow on a much better one. Night, night!


allyson said...

andrea, your new camera rocks seriously. tell me all about it please....

Andrea said...

thanks! I still have sooo much to learn, but thank goodness I am learning to fix mistakes in photoshop, lol!
it's a canon rebel xti and I LOVE it! super user friendly and that macro feature is fabulous!

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