Thursday, April 10, 2008

ER Trip

No, I have not disappeared, but it has been a crazy week. I woke up with the worst pain of my life the other morning in my back (yes, worse than labor or wisdom teeth). I passed out twice, scaring my 8 year old who wanted to know if he should call 911. The second time I managed to break my glasses and give myself a black eye. I ended up spending the day in the hospital getting catscans, EKGs, lots of other crazy tests. Ironically, they never really looked at my back.
"Feeling Blue" (I'm feeling pretty blue myself right now)
I've spent the past few days on lots of pain meds and muscle relaxers. Thank goodness for neighbors and friends who have been helping with my kids and the animals. I am sooooo greatful for everything everyone has done this week.
I'm feeling so frustrated, not only to be in pain, but I can't go anywhere. The timing on this is awful since I only found out last week that I did get into the Spring Bada Bing afterall (I'll post more about that tomorrow). So instead of being able to make all the things I want to, I am stuck in bed. Pooh!!!
The good news is that the pain is not as bad today, and I have been able to move around a bit. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all of this passes soon!!!!


Lookability said...

Oh no, hope you feel better!!

pencilwizard said...

Hope you feel better the picture.

Andrea said...

thanks so much, I am finally feeling better, yay!!!

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