Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Owl Encounters

Goodnight Owl Necklace
Every morning after I take my kids to school, my chocolate lab and I go to the woods for our morning walk. When the weather is nice, we often find all sort of treasures for me to use in my work . . . fern leaves, feathers, acorns, and branches. Lately it has been so cold and fairly dark that early in the morning, so there have been few treasures to be found. However, we did have an exciting encounter the other morning when a great-horned owl flew right over our heads! He landed on the branches of an old gnarled tree. It reminded me of a book from my childhood "Goodnight Owl" by Pat Hutchins. As a result . . . . I had to rush home and make this new pendant necklace. :-)


Cathe Holden said...

THAT is gorgeous. Your work is amazing.

Who's B? said...

I love this piece and added it to my faves. You know, for that one day when we can all shop again. :)

Until then I can enjoy giving a little cyber wave to this little guy

Kitty Wilkin said...

I love this story! We had a family of screech owls living in our backyard two years ago, and this year the 4 babies returned (as adults!)... at least, we are fairly certain they must be the 4 babies from last year, since there were 2 parents and 4 fledgelings. What an amazing animal! your necklace is gorgeous :)

Andrea said...

Thanks all! :-)
Kitty - what a great experience! Did you take any photos? They really are such fascinating creatures!

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