Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Flu, Broken Bone, The Front Page - Oh My!

What a week! My youngest son, husband and I have all been hit hard by the flu. My 8 year old son managed to break his collarbone wrestling with a friend. He is ok, just bummed he can't play at recess. ;-)
Then Thursday night I lay on the sofa watching American Idol, feeling totally pathetic and miserable with this nasty flu. I finally got up to go to bed and decided to check emails before bed. What a wonderful surprise - - - -
I had a box full of emails including several orders and a couple emails congratulating me on being featured on the front page. My bird nest pendant from my Artwork shop had been featured in a lovely treasury. Yippee! If I had not been feeling so sick I would have been dancing around the room with glee. So a huge thank you Pineblossoms at Etsy for turning my week around. Check out her shop if you have the time, she has some adorable items!

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