Monday, June 25, 2007

Blog Contest - Card Ideas

I am trying to decide what animal or subject I would like to paint next to eventually print on note cards to sell in my Etsy shop. I currently have wolves, a tiger, horses, cats, dogs, ferrets, bunnies, and even themes featuring children. So I thought, why not ask my blog viewers what THEY would like to see on a card????
So here is the contest: just leave a comment with your idea (could be an animal I have not done before, a different child theme, .......) If I use it I will send you a free card as a "thank you" for the inspiration!


MineFull said...

Hi Andrea,
saw your blog contest in the etsymom forums, had to stop by and check it out.
I'd love to see birds! Birds and/or flowers.

Good Luck,

Anonymous said...

HI Andrea! I would love to see a greyhound. I think they are beautiful animals, and I hope to own a rescued greyhound one day.



treasurefield said...

Maybe... a baby! Baby elephant, that is!
I think they're adorable! I always wanted one for a pet. :)

Happy House Quilts said...

oh the greyhound idea is great you might even gain exposure through one of those charitable rescue groups. And elelphants are suppose to be lucky...
i was neighbor just saw a doe with her baby in her back yard the other day...tis the season for birthing babies in the nature world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,

thanks for the contest! I would love to see fish, dolphins, otters and other water dwellers!


Cara said...

Ooo, I think that fish, elk, bears, deer, antelope (antelope are hysterical looking, we have them all over around here) are good for guy cards. Hard time finding cards that are good for guys without being cheesy. I also love ladybugs for giving to kids!

Anonymous said...

How about a golden retriever or a squirrel? :-)


I was thinking the same as art4milkbones. A squirrel would be darling!

Ginger said...

Ooo, fun! How about a snail with a pretty swirling shell?

Quirky Bags said...

Giraffes. Your artwork is wonderful.

Angie said...

Hi Andrea
Great work here! My suggestions would be ... a fox, a squirrel or an eagle.
Look forward to seeing the finished cards, whatever you choose!
Angie :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Andrea,
How about a tropical theme for summer like with beautiful vibrant macaws on an island?


Andrea said...

fantastic ideas everyone! I still have not made a decision yet (been busy with my new store, among other things) but I will soon. I may have more than one winner!
If you are stopping by my blog for a visit - it is still not to late to enter your idea for the contest!
thanks for playing everyone!

Bevs Huggables Plus said...

Anything you make will be beautiful like always. I have been into the wild life lately like, giraffe, kangaroo, elephant, hippo etc. Its fun creating.

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."

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