Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Trying out Solvents

I have heard several artists on both the Scribble Talk and Wet Canvas forums talking about the use of solvents and color pencil. I'm always up for trying out a new art trick. I decided to try it out on the background of a piece I was working on. Fantastic!!! I love this technique! It blends the color pencil together. I ended up using this technique about 4 times before I was completely happy with the background. The wonderful part is you add more CP between layers and just repeat the process.

11"x14" Daydreaming Vanilla

After using the solvent for "Daydreaming Vanilla" (part of a series on the magical moments of childhood), I decided to try it on the background of another piece as well. Once again it took about 4 layers of cp and solvent before I was happy with the background. I was attempting more of a "painted" look with this piece. I also used a small amount of solvent to soften the girl's hair.
I just love this technique, so many possibilities . . .

11"x14" The Smell of Spring

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