Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Things

Every year I try to do something NEW. Usually I take some kind of class - anything from art, to cooking, to dance and fitness. Last year I learned hoop-dancing (still working on this).

This year I've somehow ended up with a variety of "New Things".
I started a Intro to glass bead/lampworking class at the Visual Art Center in Richmond. I'm in love with this incredible medium! My beads are still very rough at this point but I hope to eventually add a few glass pieces in with my silver work.

On a whim I also signed up for a "Learn to Speak Italian" class at our local Y where I teach fitness classes. I love the language - so beautiful, and would love to go to Italy someday.

The boys and I are also taking fencing lessons together. I took a few lessons about 5 years ago but had not done anything with it since. It's the first time I've done something like this with the boys. We've been having a blast practicing our dueling techniques at home!

Needless to say with all of these new activities I have not had much time to create NEW things in the studio. I'm hoping to remedy that soon!!! I have been working on getting some new listings to put in my Etsy shop this evening. Thanks to a tip from a friend I finally learned how to add text to my images. I suppose you can add that to the "NEW" list as well.

What have you done this year that is NEW?

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IAmALittleWeird said...

I like the dish you put the beads in. Very nice :)

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