Saturday, February 6, 2010

Trying Not to Hibernate

This is the current view out of my studio window.
Yup, we are officially snowed in again here in ole' Richmond Va.
I'm trying not to hibernate, but honestly I am really thinking how nice it would be to just take a nice long nap and wake up when all this messy stuff has gone and it is once again warm enough to go outside without a coat and mittens.

Since hibernating is out, I have at least managed to get myself out of my pj's and into some proper clothes. I made a nice pot of homemade vegetable soup and a loaf of beer bread for lunch. Now, if I could just get motivated to get busy in the studio.

"Be Still My Beating Heart"

I have at least taken a few photos of my newest creations to list in my Etsy shop today.
This one features one of my new bronze pieces as well as my newest addiction - crochet necklaces! I started making a few while watching movies on these snowy weekends and have become hooked. (sorry, pardon the bad pun!)

"Cherry Blossom Bling-a-ling"

Ok, I am now feeling a bit more motivated after a nice cup of tea. I'm going to see what I can come up with in the studio today.

Hoping you are all having a warm and happy Saturday!

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