Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween - Pumpkin Painting and More

I was a Blue Flower Fairy at the Forest Hill Farmer's Market yesterday.
Just a bit cold, wet, and bedraggled since the weather took a nasty and unexpected turn on us.
The Green Goddess (aka Karen Atkinson - manager of the Market)
did some shopping at my booth.
Thanks Karen!
My Farmer Girl jewelry pal Janice

On what other day of the year would you encounter a singing goat?
Thanks for the great tunes Rona!
The boys in their costumes at the neighborhood party last Sunday.

With so many things going on this year we opted to paint pumpkins instead of carving.

It was much faster and a lot less messy! I think they turned out pretty cute and the boys had a blast!

Time to go trick-or-treating . .. . we were all a bit tired after a long, cold, wet day at the market. We even had a last minute costume change when our "ninja" decided he no longer liked his costume. Thanks to some face paint and a spare cape we had a vampire costume in 5 minutes, whew!
Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!

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