Friday, August 28, 2009

Time to Re-Charge the Ole' Batteries

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I found myself getting a bit (ok, to be honest - more than a bit) CRANKY yesterday with everyone in the house. I snapped at the kids and even the dog who managed to trip me when I walked down the stairs. I realized I needed a serious time out! Usually I take a class one evening a week every summer to get a night out. (everything from adult hip-hop, fencing, jewelry classes, to photo shop lessons) Sadly, I never got around to signing up for anything this summer. We've been so busy with family trips and the markets that it had not been a big deal, UNTIL yesterday. It was time for a little alone time !

So, when hubby came home from work I said, "Can you handle the kids for the evening?" "Where are you going?" they asked.
"I don't really know I" said, "just anywhere."

And that is what I did, and boy did it feel heavenly to do nothing other than putter and browse through a few shops for the evening. Quiet, peaceful, bliss.

Batteries are now fully recharged! I took the dog on a walk to the park this morning and then the kids to Chuck E'Cheese. They had a blast running around and playing games while I got two necklaces made.

A good day indeed.

Check out these crazy mushrooms that I saw on my walk this morning. These monsters were about 8 inches tall!

Happy weekend to you all!
As long as it is not raining I plan on being at the Forest Hill/South of the James Market in the morning. :-)

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