Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Day of Laughs, A Day of Tears

It has been a day filled with both laughter and tears. At lunch today our youngest lost his tooth while eating his peanut butter sandwich. You guessed it - swallowed right along with his lunch. Oops! We've been teasing him that he will actually have to leave a payment to the toothfairy for loosing his tooth! Hee, hee!

Earlier today our cat of 15 years Oscar passed away. Tears have been shed, but there have been some laughs to as we have remembered some of his funnier moments. From his daily "hunting" rounds of the kids socks, stuffed animals, and underwear accidentally left on the floor, to his many crazy escapades. You will be missed old friend.

The day was suppose to have been a day to catch up on housework and yardwork, but with Oscar's passing we opted to spending a family day at the movies instead. We went to see Up , a sweet movie that also brought out of few tears and laughs as well. Tonight we'll have a quiet evening and share a few more memories.

Hugs to you all,


Dream Spiral Art said...

So sorry to hear about Oscar. 15 years is a good, long life, though, for a kitty.

Congrats on getting into Arts Around the Lake.

Let's get together soon. My last day at the office job is tomorrow!

Andrea said...

Thanks girl! He was a character for sure! It's been quiet in the studio without him this week.

Would love to get together soon! Hope the last day goes well! :-)

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