Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Free Show Banner

I just have to say, despite the fact I never considered myself a techie type girl, I LOVE the internet. I learn so much from others everyday.
The latest find . . . a website ( to create and design your own vinyl banners for shows. It only took a few minutes to come up with this design and the best part . . . the banner was FREE! Yep, free! (just have to pay shipping cost) They even offered a second one for only $9.99. Sound to good to be true? I hope not, but figured it was not a huge expense so I thought I would take the risk. I had heard about the site from other artists on Flickr. They had all reported good things, so I figured why not give it a try.
I can not wait for mine to arrive in the mail! They are suppose to arrive in the next three weeks . . ..... just in time for all my spring shows. I will keep you posted on how they turn out.


beadsintheround said...

Sounds like a great deal: I need to look into it also. How did you decide how big a banner you needed? Thanks for sharing your find!

beadsintheround said...

Oops, should have also said how pretty and well balanced your design is!

Andrea said...

Hee, hee - thanks! :-)
I decided to get a 2x3 banner instead of the 3x6 (I think both are free the first time you order, or maybe it's just with the special). I currently have a 3x6 banner and it is a pain to deal with because it is so big. I also have to hang it from my tent instead of being able to hang it on my tent over the entryway. I got two so I could still either hang one from a table if I like, or on another side of the tent.
Hope that helps! If you get one, I'd love to hear how yours turns out.

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