Monday, May 26, 2008


My youngest son recently had a birthday. All he had talked about wanting for weeks was a butterfly kit he had seen on tv. You mail off for caterpillars and a cool butterfly tent. You get to watch the caterpillars for about a week, they turn into a chrysallis, then after another week you have butterflies!!! I have to say I probably enjoyed the whole thing even more than the kids did!Here's one of the Painted Ladies after we released them outside this morning. It's resting on the lantana I planted yesterday.
This shy little butterfly did not want to come out of his home. I finally (without touching his wings) brought him out by picking up the flower he was resting on.
Some of the butterflies in the tent. They loved the fresh cantaloupe I got from the Farmer's Market yesterday.
Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!


Emily said...

Isn't that kit so neato!?!? This is a project that my kindergarteners do each year as we study the life cycles of the frog and butterfly. They (and I) are always so in awes of nature and how things work out so perfectly! Your new butterflies will also love fresh cut oranges! -e

Andrea said...

yes, very neato! :-) I will have to try the oranges next time, thanks for the tip!

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