Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Under 10 Minutes, Starving Artist Vegetarian Chili

I thought I would share one of my super easy quick vegetarian recipes. I don't seem to have much time for cooking these days with the hours I'm putting in the studio, but with the cries of "Mommy we are hungry", I have to come up with something. This is one of those recipes I almost have the ingredients for. Simply mix together one can of chili beans (I use Bush's), a jar or 1/2 jar if large of salsa. How much salsa you use will determine if your chili is a hearty chili or more like soup. I've tried lots of brands of salsa for variety, including organic which was pretty tasty. You also need to add 1/2 bag of morningstar farms vegetarian grillers crumbles.
That is basically it, and you just heat for about 8 minutes. I sometimes will add some sauted peppers for some extra veggies, or slightly salted peanuts are also delicious. Then simply serve with a vegetable or fruit salad, and maybe some cornbread and you have a complete healthy meal in less than 10 minutes, yay! I like to top mine off with some shredded cheese and a bit of sour cream, but you can use the soy options for these and make it a completely vegan meal to if you wish.

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redd said... i have a hankering for some chili!

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