Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bizarre Post Office Trip

Yesterday was a strange day. The wind was incredible blowing trashcans and even a deck umbrella around my neighborhood. Then when I went to make a trip to the post office to ship off a bunch of Etsy orders things got even more bizarre. I pulled into an extremely full parking lot and noticed a large crowd outside. A lady stopped me from going in, saying " you DON'T want to go in there." Apparently a young buck had been hit by a car on a nearby busy road. The buck then managed to wander the distance and entered a set of glass doors to the lobby and then proceeded into the next set of glass doors to the customer service area. The woman said the lobby was crazy and there was blood everywhere. The event ended up being on the local news. Sadly the deer had to be euthanized due to the severity of his injuries. Image taken from Ch.12 News Website. Poor buck!!!
"Snacktime" 2"x3" watercolor and ink aceo
On a lighter note, I have managed to list a few new aceo's in my Artwork shop. This one will be listed today or tomorrow.


allyson said...

My gosh, Andrea, that is awful. Poor baby deer and poor you, dear. Which PO do you go to?

PS. My lovely friend, Regi, says she loves you in her class. Isn't she an amazing teacher? Not to mention photographer. Her work makes me speechless.

Andrea said...

Hi Allyson! Yeah it sounded awful, I'm glad the lady stopped me from going in. I go to the Patterson PO. It's usually a bit crazy there, but never anything like that!!!

I love Regi's class! I'm learning a lot, and she is amazingly talented!

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