Monday, October 1, 2007


Earlier this fall I was asked to paint a hand bag for a local charity auction known as LINC which is dedicated to helping local women with breast cancer. I was honored to be asked to paint a bag, but a bit unsure on how to go about it since I had not designed a painted purse before.
I originally came up with my moth design. I began to get nervous as the deadline approached that people might not bid on a "moth" bag. The fact that celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Adrianna Trigianni were also donating bags felt a bit intimidating. I suppose I was suffering from a case of artist insecurities.

"Pillow Princess" hand painted wooden purse in acrylic

"Fancy Flight" hand painted wooden purse in acrylics
I decided to go ahead and send along my pampered pooch bag as well. Hopefully these will help bring in funds for a wonderful cause.


karabu said...

Hey, they may not like the sound of a 'noth' bag, but once they see it, they'll be in love.

The dog is wonderful too, makes me want to snuggle.

Andrea said...

aww, thanks! :-)

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