Monday, September 24, 2007

Wild Animal Adventures

It has been an interesting week. Every morning I take our 7 month old lab for a walk. Most mornings we head up the road to a nearby park. Like most parks in the suburbs, there a lots of squirrels, geese, ducks, and chipmunks. On occasion we have even seen a few bunnies. However, on Friday morning as we were quietly walking along, a red tailed hawk came from behind me and actually brushed through my hair on his way to a nearby branch. Let's just say - he took my breath away, literally!

( Afraid I did not have my camera with me - these photos came from the web, but this is what both animals looked like.)

Then, this weekend hubby and I decided to take the kids and puppy along for a walk at the park. We decided it would be lots of fun to go off the paved paths and hike on the dirt trails through the woods. With puppy leading the way, me following behind her, the kids behind me, and hubby in the rear we hiked along through the woods. Then, we stumbled across the path of a snake. I quickly jerked back on Zelda's leash to hopefully get her out of "harms way". I had no idea what kind of snake it was, but my 8 year old with all his knowledge ;-) , proudly declared it to be a cornsnake. With a huge sigh of relief, that this snake was most likely a non-poisonous snake we waited patiently for it to make it's way across the path before we continued on our way. So, I have added "buy a snake venom kit" to my week's to do list, since I am realizing, you just never know what you might run in to at the local park!

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